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Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker is a device which protects all of the electrical circuits in your home. This breaker will trip (shut off) any time there is an overload on one of your circuits. All breakers are located in an electrical panel.

Circuit Breaker

* A breaker should normally be in the ON position for normal use.

  • Unplug all of the appliances in your home that are not working.
  • Go to the electrical panel. Usually this panel is located next to an electric meter just outside of your garage.
  • Open the door of the electrical panel you will see several breakers (looks something like a switch). See picture above.
  • Find the breaker that is in the TRIPPED position. A tripped breaker is in a state between the ON and OFF position.
  • Press the breaker that is in the TRIPPED position into the OFF position. It must be pressed to the OFF position before continuing. You must push hard on the switch to get the breaker into the OFF position. If done correctly, the breaker will stay in the OFF position even after your hand is removed.
  • Turn the breaker ON. This should restore power to the circuit that was overloaded.
  • Go back into your home and plug your appliances in, test each one to see that it works. The first one that won't work is the one that is causing your electrical circuit to overload. After unplugging the defective appliance you may need to reset the breaker again. You should not use the defective appliance again until it has been repaired per the manufacturer's requirements.
  • If a circuit is not working, an extension cord can be used to plug in necessary appliances, such as a refrigerator, into a different circuit.

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