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Generator Rentals

Rocky Mtn. Electric, LLC

Let Rocky Mtn Electric, LLC take care of all your power needs, including temporary power.

We offer 200KW and 250KW generators with every voltage requirement imaginable, with sub-base fuel tanks. We deliver to your site and take care of all the required maintenance. We can supply the fuel too, if you would like us to.

All of our generators have sound attenuated enclosures. For temporary power you can't beat Rocky Mtn Electric, LLC.

We offer large capacity external fuel tanks that are tied right into the generator, which are extremely nice when your power requirements are for extended lengths of time and/or a long way from a fuel source.

Wireless Telementry

Wireless Telemetry

We can install wireless telemetry on the fuel tanks which constantly monitors the level of fuel in the tanks and automatically dispatches a fuel truck when levels get low.

Onsite Fuel

Fuel Monitoring

External fuel tanks come with a 12VDC fuel pump that is also tied into the battery of the generator. This allows you to fill up any diesel equipment that you have on site such as light plants, front end loaders, backhoes and trenchers.

When your needs are long enough we can set three 2,000 gal fuel tanks (6,000 gal capacity) our wireless telemetry will dispatch a complete truck load (4,200 gals) of fuel as soon as levels are down 4,200 gallons. This will save money on delivery cost and gives you an 1,800 gallon reserve.

With Rocky Mtn Electric, LLC managing fuel you are assured that you will never run out of fuel. No one has to watch fuel levels or hassle with arranging fuel delivery. We take care of it all.

For more information on Generator Rentals or any Questions, please Contact Us or call (970) 395-0536.

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