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Wiring a new or remodeled commercial building can be very complicated. Rocky Mtn. Electric is here to help plan newly constructed or remodeled commercial buildings. Our electricians are trained to handle all your commercial electrical needs.

  • Commercial Electrical Services Include:
  • New Commercial Buildings & Remodels
    Let our certified electricians help to get the job done right the first time with expert advice on outlet placement, lights and breakers.
  • Lighting Installation & Maintenance
    Commercial buildings generally own large parking lots that require massive lights on poles. Rocky Mtn. Electric can install and maintain your outdoor parking lot lighting. Properly maintained lights ensure your property is secure and safe day and night.
  • Security Systems
    Commercial buildings need security systems in order to keep their customers safe and loss prevention costs down. Security systems allow businesses to view, record and play back footage through LAN, WAN or via the Internet. Motion detection and cell phone notification upon alarm are also options for security systems.
  • Generator Stand by Systems
    In most cases, when times are good emergency backup power is overlooked, however emergency power backup is important for any type of business. Generators with standby power will supply electricity during a power outage in order to keep your business up and running!
  • Code / Safety Electrical Inspections
    It is important for the safety of everyone to keep buildings up to code, and to periodically inspect for potential electrical problems. Commercial properties should have a routine exam by a trained electrical technician to guarantee codes are met and understood. Rocky Mnt. ELectric can walk you through the inspection process and explain the rules.
  • General Electrician Services
    Rocky Mtn. Electric provides all types of commercial electrical solutions including: meter panel upgrades, breaker or fuse replacement, rewiring, surge protection, sign service and repair, touch panel relay systems, high voltage service, automation, and Emergency Service or Installations.

For a Free Electrical Estimate or any Questions, please Contact Us or call (970) 395-0536.

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