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Highline Installation, Repairs or Maintenance

Rocky Mtn. Electric

Rocky Mtn. Electric, LLC

Rocky Mtn. Electric, LLC is here to build and maintain your highline. We stock common pole mount transformers so your down time is minimal.

We can also take care of your transformer repair an maintenance needs.

  • High Line Repair Includes:
  • 12,470Y 7,200 Volts
  • 13,200Y 7,600 Volts
  • 24,900Y 14,400 Volts

High Voltage Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance normally takes place during ordinary scheduled shutdowns. Rocky Mtn Electric, LLC can perform all of the items listed below and stocks treated plugs, oils and most repair items needed to keep down time to a minimum.

Wooden Poles
Wooden poles should be inspected twenty years after installation and every five years thereafter, unless infestation of ants or termites is identified between cycles, in which case an appropriate insecticide treatment should be applied.

  • RME's Pole Inspection consist of:
  • An above ground visual inspection for bad checks, lateral breaks or cracks, above ground decay pockets, excessive spur cut, woodpecker holes, broken ground wires, signs of insect infestation, shell rot, pole top rot, rotten or split top, physical damage, broken cross-arm or hardware and fire damage.
  • Sounding to detect internal decay.
  • Drilling into the pole at ground line near the largest check, and at other locations where decay is suspected. If the pole is obviously not suited for continual service due to excessive shell-rot or other serious defects, no further testing will be done, but will be reported as a reject and recommended for replacement.
  • After inspection the drilled holes will be refilled with a treated plug.
  • After the pole has been judged serviceable, it will be excavated and further inspected.
    • Earth will be excavated around the pole to a depth of 18 inches.
    • A non-destructive evaluation of pole strength will be performed using sound waves.
    • Pole will be bored below ground level to check for internal defects.
    • After inspection the drilled holes will be refilled with a treated plug.
    • The excavated area will be refilled and firmly tamped to avoid the possibility of subsequent settling.
  • Hardware on top of the pole well then be visually inspected up close and the following performed:
    • All hardware will be tightened.
    • Insulators will be checked for chips and cracks.
    • Tie wraps on line and insulators will be checked and replaced if needed.

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